stress test

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stress itu sihat

tanpa stress kau b*d$h

tapi terlebih stress kau super b*d$h

stress jadikan kau matang

stress juga jadikan kau gila

Q tak stress

cuma pening kepala

Ujian Stress


mari sama-sama HEBAT  nuyer esok. muahaha…

How to Cheat on a Test

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Pagi tadi aku baru selesai menduduki ujian Falsafah Pendidikan yang memerlukan aku memerah otak tahap dewa. Namun bukan soalan atau jawapan ujian yang hendak aku kongsikan, tapi satu trick yang aku dapat daripada rakan ‘orang jepang’ lama yang nak aku kongsikan. bukan aku nak suruh korang semua meniru tapi sebagai panduan, penambah ilmu @ perkongsian ideal gitu. ni dia cara-cara membuat kuih ‘menipu dalam ujian’:

“Cheating is not advisable. First, it’s obviously against the rules, and second, you don’t end up learning anything. But if you’ve decided you just have to cheat, these are some ways that could work. Use them at your own risk.


Get one of your friends who has the class before you to tell you the answers. Write them down on a Post-it note and stick it to the bill of your cap. Simply look down during the test to view the answers. (This is only if hats are allowed in your school.) However, if the post-it note falls off, you’re in big trouble. If your friend doesn’t remember the answers, ask them what the hardest question was and what sort of things you need to study.

Get a see-through plastic file that you use every day to hold homework in, and stick your main notes in the front pocket. When the teacher is walking around to check if they have notes, simply put a pencilcase on top of it to hide any incriminating evidence. When teacher’s back is turned, move the pencilcase as you pretend to look for a pencil.

Lean over to the person next to you and look at their answers. (Note: This is not recommended if your teacher administers separate versions for the test.)

Bribe the person next to you for answers. Money, food, homework help, and future cheating benefits work well.

Use a mechanical pencil with a black grip (No.2 lead, of course) on the test. Before your test, obtain the answers from somebody smart who has already taken it. Write the answers on your pencil’s grip in pen so you can’t see it. You’d be able to see it during the test by tilting it toward the light. This works well for multiple-choice Scantron tests.

Use your phone’s text message feature for the answers.

Archive cheat sheets onto your graphing calculator.

Input text file notes in your iPod.

Write the answers on the palm of your writing hand. Be sure to write small and in a color that doesn’t stand out.

A good alternative to writing on the palm of your hand, which some teachers may check, is to write on the sides of your fingers. It’s very easy to check the answers inconspiciously as well as you can simply stretch out your hands as if you have a cramp from your pen.

Another way to put information onto your hand is to write other things around it. Scrawl homework assignments for other classes and other notes very obviously on the back of your hand and in between write the information you want for the test.

If you are allowed binder paper for scratch work, wrtie the question that you need on it and “accidentaly” let it fall to the ground. Then have your friend next to you pick it up and write in the answer, and then he also “accidentaly” lets it fall. You now pick it up and voila, there is the answer!

Write the answers on the inside of the paper that wraps marketed water bottles such as Dasani or Evian.

If you have to memorize a long list of things (such as state capitals, etc) then simply write the answers on the bottom or side of your shoe. You seem like you’re looking at the ground while thinking, while really you’re reading the answers!

When the answer choices for a multiple choice question are a,b,c, or d always write “c”, but only if you are going to grade them in class. Every (small)letter can be made out of “c”. Tell your cheating partner about it, if you have one. Then exchange papers with them.

The Water Bottle “Memorization” Technique- This only works if you are allowed to bring a water bottle to class. Rip off the paper from your water bottle. Write the answers, list of words, ect. on the back and glue-stick the paper back on the water bottle. During the test look through the bottle and get the answers.

When the test time is over, you either have to give the test to the teacher or they will come and get it from you. Either way, there is going to be a lot of movement with all the teachers and students. When this happens, simply stand up and walk with the rest of the kids, keeping your test. You can go home, read the questions and answer them using the Internet and text books. Write the answers down. When the teachers think they have lost the test and let you retake it you should ace it (or you could try to slip it on their desk the next day).


When using electronic devices such as cell phones or iPods, be sure to keep it well-hidden from the teacher’s view. Have a jacket on your lap and access your device from underneath the folds.

Always keep a sharp eye out for teachers or potential snitches.

Only cheat when you have to.

If you think a teacher is suspecting you, act like you’re just staring into space.

Don’t automatically write the answer down if your looking at your hand, cap, another persons test, etc. or the teacher will see that your copying down answers from somewhere.

While your head can be tilted towards your paper, your eye can wander to other places mentioned above. This is virtually undetectable to the teacher

Do not keep looking at the teacher. He/she will get wary from this suspicious behavior.

You should not use a method that involves writing on skin if you are prone to sweating under pressure/during a test as the ink will run off and all your hard work would have been for nothing.

Try and make it believable. If you have been doing poorly in the class, don’t give yourself an A+ just maybe a B-.


Although the risks of cheating seem low nowadays, if you get caught, the consequences are still dire. Be sure you know what you’re doing and are prepared to face the consequences should you get caught.

Read your school’s cheating policy to determine if the risk is actually worth it. You may end up in Summer School retaking the same class

Amaran: korang jangan guna pulak, ‘gentle’ bende ni dah basi dah bagi penjaga peperiksaan.

Q: jangan korang risau, aku tak pernah praktikkan pun benda jadah ni dalam dewan peperiksaan.pensyarah tak tau tapi yang kat ‘Atas’ tau. (mintak maaf sebab tak sempat translate)